Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Back to blog...

After 3 year .. I am back~~

Since from 2013 my last blog till now , seriously happen so many things .. my work .. family ...  friends.... and my love.... 

Maybe talk about my work 1st..

My 1st job... Leeden Welding sdn bhd..

This was great i met up my " boss" -VG and I cant deny that he tough and guide me very well , all the basic robot knowledge guide by him . But for sure got good sure bad also ... I dont think i will share here.. Appreciate your patient to guide me .. 

This company provide me a lot explore at automotive and welding knowledge .

Damon and VG

My farewell .. VG -grey shirt

My service team

2nd company - TSM Welding sdn bhd

Thanks to 1 guy who introduce this company boss to me , it seriously another "jump" of salary and willing to invest on me... I am the 1st one who able to go oversea (Taiwan and Thailand) to met up all his supplier , guide me another knowledge which is resistance welding and wide use at automotive and general market. Appreciate !! If this boss not "insane" and reasonable , I believe he sure can grow very well. 

Why I say so??? just let me describe a bit about him... " who partner with him , i think most longest corporation is 2 years only , most fastest 1 months :P " 

So proud .. 1st unit of spot robot sold by me :PPP

Annual Dinner :P guess who is he..

Buddy at TSM!!

Act Cool :P
Once upon a time , all left ad.. 

3rd Company - Custech Machinery sdn bhd

This company cant compare with previous 2 company , here got project team , designer and experience technician . I from another field change to another field , but due to experience on my major field , my current boss offer me a very attractive package and that why i am here.

Recently just secure a project which 1st corporation of laser and robot , hope more and more to come... 

Share some work life here. :P
Painting robot drawing me..

Duel arm robot :P

Within this 3 year , i already change 3 company and seriously hope that I am following a right boss .


Last sharing some video which I agree with it...



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